Monday, February 1, 2016

Passion: F.C. Bayern München

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School resumed for me on Thursday after several snowy days of relaxing and pondering life. While I had time to think, I had a terrible realization. I have never blogged about one of my life's passions: the football club Bayern München!

I believe that the main reason that I have never blogged about this is because it does not quite fit in with my blog's hierarching theme. In general, I try to write a lot about topics and things I like that existed during the 1920's-the 1960's. Granted, Bayern was founded in 1900. However, I follow the results of their current team (there's nothing too vintage about that). Nonetheless, I love this team too much to not dedicate a blog post to it.

At the center of it all is this man:

Picture from Eurosport
Thomas Müller

I think that I first started relating to Thomas when I watched an interview with him off the pitch; he is downright hilarious. The jokester part of his personality made me want to watch his team (Bayern) more on the pitch to see how they played. Funny thing is, on the pitch, he means serious business. Müller is an incredibly talented player, and I think that we can all learn a thing or two from his work ethic.

Once I started watching Bayern play, I couldn't stop. It became a sort of obsession, but one that I am in control of. I watch all of their games, and I enjoy watching their interviews and practices when they are not officially playing. But most of all, I love the community of people that I have met through watching Bayern.

There is something really beautiful about watching your favorite team play with a group of people who can equally appreciate the emotions you are experiencing. The adrenaline spike when the ball hits the back of the net. The heavy breathing as the game goes into overtime. The rush of anguish when you lose by one goal. For those ninety minutes of regular time, you're all one entity. I wouldn't have it any other way.

To close, I'm not going to pester you with game footage or anything like that. Instead, I am going to leave you with a wonderful video of the Bayern men:

If you have a chance, try to catch a Bayern game! They are really fun to watch; you won't be disappointed! We played 1899 Hoffenheim today and won 2-0! Your next chance to catch a game is on Saturday; we play Bayer 04 Leverkusen!

Do you watch football? What team do you root for?
Source: Mirror 

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