Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fred Astaire Appreciation Post

Good Morning, lovelies!

It's my birthday today! It's hard to believe that I am twenty years old. I'll have more on what I did later this week. My birthday post is dedicated to my wonderful mother who gave birth to me twenty years ago and the wonderful Fred Astaire!

I was sitting here by candlelight last night  trying to think of something to write about when Fred Astaire singing "Isn't This a Lovely Day" popped up on my Pandora station. Then I realized I really haven't talked much about Mr. Astaire at all on this blog. And he is one of my absolute favorites!

For about a month in 2015, I was completely obsessed with Fred Astaire. I researched tap-dancing on Youtube and tried to teach myself; I re-watched all of my favorite movies with him and Ginger Rogers. I even wanted to go to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Virginia. I don't know when, but at some point amongst my video-watching and practicing, I realized that tap dancing is really really hard. Thus, I reached a point where I was going to have to get lessons from someone or abandon the notion completely for awhile until I had more time. Sadly, you can guess which option I had to go with.

Having said that, I would love to try tap dancing again, but it would have to be during the summer or a time when I have less to do. It is a fantastic workout, and I feel so wonderfully old-fashioned when I slip on the shoes and start dancing.

Goodness, now where do I even start with talking about Fred Astaire? Let's start off with a picture!

I really do enjoy most everything about Mr. Astaire. For one, he had impeccable style. He also had a beautiful voice, which was smooth as satin. His suaveness never came off as cocky; he was just incredibly sophisticated and charming. But of first and foremost importance to me (outside of personality, of course) was Mr. Astaire's incredible way of conveying emotion through his dancing.

Here are a few of my favorite numbers:

Swing Time with Ginger Rogers


Look at how effortless both of them appear. Ginger Rogers was equally impressive, but I will probably go on and on about her in another post.

Royal Wedding Ceiling Dance

I would say that this is definitely one of Mr. Astaire's more famous numbers. Who doesn't know and love his dancing on the ceiling scene? 

Top Hat "Cheek to Cheek" Number with Ginger Rogers

Beautiful. You simply get completely absorbed watching the way that they move together. So romantic.

1970 Oscars

This clip just shows pure talent. Even when he was older, Astaire still had all the dance moves. Brilliant! I will still admit that this video really bothers me because he did not receive a standing ovation at the end of his dance; what was wrong with that audience?

I really do love Mr. Astaire and the work that he did for the entertainment industry. Do you have any favorite dance numbers of his? Any favorite movies he starred in?



  1. Endlessly happy birthday week wishes, darling lady! I hope that your celebration rocked and that each and every day of the next year of your life will as well.

    Huge hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica! As always, you are very kind.

  2. Happy birthday! Welcome to your 20s a great decade. Sounds like a kid from where I stand at nearly 38. Fred Astaire is a favorite of mine too and he is what got me into vintage Im so glad that younger folks like you are keeping his memory alive. When I got married in 2001 I partially selected the Adelphi hotel for the reception, in Saratoga Springs where I grew up, on the fact that my fathered discovered Fred had once stayed there. He often visited Saratoga. My husband and I also paid Fred Astaire songs all through the cocktail hour

    retro rover

    1. Thank you! The Adelphi hotel looks like a very wonderful place to have a reception; it makes it even better that Fred once stayed there! I hope you are having a wonderful week! Cheers x