Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Photographs 3

Good morning, everyone!

I feel as though I haven't been on the blog in forever. That's the odd part about taking a trip somewhere, it really is like putting your life on pause at home as you operate in a different realm.

Having said that, Lancaster was beautiful. The town itself is very quaint, and it was nice to be able to just relax before the hustle and bustle of school resuming on Monday. Unfortunately, I didn't take any real pictures as I found myself completely engrossed in everything that I was experiencing.

Thus, I needed to post something on here, and I realized that I haven't posted any photos that I have been inspired by lately. So here we go:

This photograph is by Willy Ronis; it was taken in the late 1950's. Something about that silhouette on the bridge really speaks volumes to me. 

This photograph is by Erwin Blumenfeld. I love this photograph because the focus is all on the compact; it's interesting that he didn't have to completely fade out the rest of the woman for this focus to occur.

This picture was taken by Robert Doisneau; it is called Bouquet of Daffodils. I find this photo beautiful because of the expression on the woman's face. She looks so in love and full of pure bliss.

I find this photo of Ingrid Bergman by Gordon Parks to be incredibly fascinating. At the time that the photo was taken, Bergman was under an incredible amount of scrutiny due to her affair with Roberto Rossellini. The way that the women in the background are looking at her and the strain that Bergman has on her face express two different sides of the human condition: curiosity and stress. The photograph captures a sort of rawness that you often don't see from stars like Bergman.

 To end on a light note, I have included a fun picture by Tom Palumbo. We are supposed to get a lot of snow Friday evening into Saturday, so I am going to be wearing my snowflake brooch and sweater a lot for the duration of the week! 

Have you been inspired by any photographs lately? Cheers.


  1. all lovely my favorite is the first

    1. I think the first one is my favorite too! Would love to have it on the wall of my room. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Strong, evocative, marvelous images. I'm really drawn to that one of Ingrid as well. Each time I encounter it, I find myself studying it for a few minutes (at least) and almost start to feel as though I can sense the very emotions she was living with at the time - they're that raw and pronounced on her elegant face.

    Thank you for the beautiful roundup.

    ♥ Jessica