Sunday, November 8, 2015

Favorite Men's Clothing Pieces

Good Morning!

I was just thinking about how I am always writing about topics that are probably more catered towards women such as make-up and women's fashion. Today I'm going to mix it up a little and write about some of my favorite men's fashion pieces.

Obviously now I am writing more about what I like aesthetically, so it will be quite biased. However, I would love to hear your comments regarding some of your favorite pieces.

1920's Suits
Modern rendition of a 1920's suit by Brooks Brothers
I really love the three-piece suits from the 1920's. Three-piece suits exist today, but they are mostly worn on formal occasions or in formal settings. Regarding suits, the 1920's were my favorite decade mainly because of all the options that were available plus the cut of the suits themselves. You could wear pinstripes and all different colors and still look incredibly fashionable without being judged. Today, colored suits and pinstripes are seen as being more "edgy". Noting the cut of the suits, I like how the suits fit well and were not too big or too tight. 

1940's Shoes
In my opinion, men's shoes of the 1940's should be the standard for classy dress shoes. The design is still seen often today; Oxfords are very common. However, a lot of men's dress shoes today tend to be single-colored and lack the intricate details that the older shoes possessed. Even the working boots that are pictured above are gorgeously embroidered.

1940's Hats
I wanted to mix up the decades more, but I just absolutely adore the hats of the 1940's. Nowadays, fedoras are often seen as being gangster or uncool, so it's nice to reflect on a time in history where they represented pure class. Another thing to note is that hats of the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's were very similar, if not the exact same type. The difference between the decades is the way in which the hats were worn. 

1950's Men's Hairstyles

Now a quick nod to the hairstyles of the 1950's. I love that the men actually styled their hair. Of course there is nothing wrong with not bothering with your hair, but styled hair adds an extra ounce of sophistication to any look.

And finally a nod to some of the most influential style icons of the early to mid-century years.....

Cary Grant
Frank Sinatra
Humphrey Bogart
Clark Gable
I hope everyone enjoyed this post. What are some of your favorite men's fashion pieces from the past years?



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