Friday, November 20, 2015

Photographs 2

Hi all,

School has been very stressful this past week, so I apologize for not posting on the schedule that I normally post. Today I am going to post some of my favorite pictures as of late.

Clearly, I am ready for Christmas in November! Don't you just adore the red velvet dress on the right? I love how she paired it with a light tan belt and shoes. Very chic. 

I found this picture off of Tumblr from vintagegal. This shot was so elegantly taken; I love how the photographer faded out the background to focus on the handsome gentleman and the lovely lady in red.

This picture is promo for a post I am going to write in a few days. These ladies were members of the WI, which was a great effort to help the home front during World War 2. My next post is going to feature more information about the WI and a new television show I discovered called "Home Fires."

I hadn't seen this picture before today, but I absolutely adore it. Two legends having a drink. Plus, look at Sinatra's face; he clearly enjoyed whatever joke was being told.

This is one of the last photographs ever taken of Ms. Monroe. She really was beautiful, wasn't she? This just makes me think about how happy I am to be studying in the discipline that I am, and I cannot wait until I can officially help people overcome their struggles.

I love that Ms. Loren is still modeling, even at the ripe age of 81. This just goes to show you that beauty and elegance are timeless. 

I hope that everyone is doing well! Thanksgiving is next Thursday; isn't that crazy? The holidays are approaching so fast. Have a great rest of the week, everyone. Cheers.


  1. I love sophia Loren too glamour is ageless. U have a great blog
    Retro rover

    1. Thanks, love! I am about to head over to check out yours now!

  2. I think my comment just disappeared into the ether, so I'll try again! Lovely selection of inspiration here, I think the first photo was taken in the Imperial War Museum in London. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment, always good to meet Miss Fisher fans! x

    1. Ah, thanks for the information. If I ever get around to visiting London, I will definitely try and stop to visit that museum. Cheers!

  3. Great inspiration shoots. I adore Sophia so much, too. She was already a favourite, but since marrying an Italian chap eleven years ago and getting to see a lot more of her films through him, I've fallen even more in love with this super talented lady.

    Big hugs & happy Thanksgiving week wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Hope you are having a lovely vacation!