Monday, December 7, 2015

Dita Von Teese Winter Fashion Picks

Hi, ladies and gents.

Today I'm going to look at a couple of my favorite Dita Von Teese outfits catered towards cooler weather. I don't think I've talked much about Ms. Teese on here, so to begin I absolutely love her sense of fashion. I love that she is confident enough to completely immerse herself in retro-eclectic fashion, even though she probably gets stared at all the time. I have to admit that my style is more on the conservative side with regards to vintage fashion (I like to mix it a lot with more modern pieces), but every now and then I love to rock something more bold, and more Dita-esque. So here are a couple of my favorite looks:

I am absolutely obsessed with this jacket. The fur trim, buttons, length, and shaping detail are incredible. I love that the ruffle detail on her shoes matches up with the slight ruffle detail towards the bottom of the jacket. My only issue with the outfit is with the fur (if it is real). I will admit that fur is one of those issues where I tend to veer away from the mid-century thoughts towards the more hippie/save the animals outlook. I don't eat meat, and I certainly wouldn't wear fur. However, if this is faux fur then I adore everything about the jacket!

Where to start with this lovely ensemble? First off, I have to confess that I have a strong preference for velvet. It doesn't matter what color it is or how much of it there is, my eye is always drawn towards it. Having said that, her form-fitting black velvet skirt is the first thing that caught my eye. It pairs perfectly with her ruched red top and ruched gloves. To cap it off, she added this amazing head piece which is perfect with the rest of the ensemble.This is why I adore Dita's style so much; it just works.

I chose to add this outfit because of the circle skirt. It really is a work of art, flattering on every figure. Futhermore, Ms. Von Teese paired it with that cute bow belt which makes this conservative retro look a bit more fun. 

I was just writing about velvet, and look what popped up! This dress is magnificent; it truly speaks volumes. I love how she kept her accessories simple to let the dress be the focal point. Lovely.

I had to add this plaid coat to the list to wrap up this post. The colors are beautiful together, and of course her red lipstick matches perfectly. Her hat is quite interesting, probably one of the more edgy pieces that I would be willing to give a go if I was feeling bold.

Are you a fan of Ms. Von Teese's style? Who are some of your modern-day fashion icons?



  1. very pretty my issue is my legs are aways cold so I often where opaque tights in winter

    retro rover

    1. That is very true! I live in a more mild climate (Maryland), so usually it's not too bad here. I try to tough it out; sometimes I feel warm if I like the outfit that I have put together.

  2. Gorgeous picks! I am smitten with that immensely ruched dark crimson top. It would be an excellent Valentine's Day piece.

    ♥ Jessica