About Me

Hello, and welcome to Somewhere Singing Sinatra!

 I created this blog in the Summer of 2015 as a way to express myself in the rapidly changing world around me.

Being a part of modern society, I sometimes struggle to relate to what is going on around me. Technology baffles me; I am always getting asked why I am so dressed up. People can barely hold a face-to-face conversation with me anymore (hello, get off of your phone!). I love Sinatra, Glenn Miller, and Bing Crosby. My lips are never without a bit of color. World War 2 fascinates me, and I don't understand when people question how I like history. I love watching Hitchcock and writing letters. So where do I fit into this cog that is modern society?

Well, I am a woman that is a Psychology major at a Maryland University. I own a smartphone, and I love social media. Volleyball is my passion, and I teach others how to play it. I drive a car, though I prefer to fly when possible. I can vote, and I am a product of a biracial marriage. Innovation is beautiful, and so is progress. 

Thus, where does this leave me? I think of it as vintage in a modern world. A fusion of sorts. It's not one or the other; it's both, and that's the beauty. I can appreciate modern conveniences, but I can also incorporate into my life pieces of the Old World that I find important. 

Voila! That's me, and that's just a part of my story. Come with me back in time as I continue to explore who I am, and find out who I would like to become.

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