Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

2015 was a wonderful year. From completing two semesters of college to becoming president of my volleyball club at school, I learned and grew a lot. The creation of this blog has also become a wonderful and welcome addition to my life. Everyone has been so supportive, and I love reading your blogs and comments on what I have to write!

Now 2016 is here, and I have a lot to accomplish. I want to make this blog even better by developing my prose more when I write. I also plan to take a lot more pictures for the blog; I used to love photography but have grown distant from it. At school, I hope to finish this upcoming semester with a perfect GPA. In my sports world, I hope to be able to further the growth of the individuals on the team I coach, and I am looking forward to leading my school team in the best way possible. Outside of what I have already listed, I am excited to also develop my individual style further as I explore what I like aesthetically.

Last night, I spent New Year's Eve with one of my best friends from elementary school. We ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant and spent some time in Baltimore. I hope to share some pictures from that in the next few days.

To conclude, I leave you with one of my favorites:

"The Best is Yet to Come"

I hope that 2016 is the most wonderful year yet! What goals are you hoping to accomplish?


  1. Huge high fives for your fantastic accomplishments!!!

    I hope that the coming year is one of joy, fun, success, good health, and plenty of vintage related happenings for you, sweet lady!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. You are too sweet, Jessica! I read your post about the New Year too, and I hope that you accomplish everything that you set out to do as well :)