Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Southerner in the North

Hello everyone,

Throughout my life, it has been reiterated many times that Maryland is a southern state in the United States. Being the northern-most state of the South, Maryland has never seemed to me to be really "southern." It is nothing like Georgia or Florida which are the states that people typically think of when they think "southern", and temperatures can actually get pretty cold in the winter. However, this past weekend after visiting Connecticut, it became apparent to me that Maryland is definitely a southern state, and rightfully so.

There was an arctic blast along the East Coast last week which brought frigid temperatures and snow across the region. In Connecticut, temperatures barely went above 15 degrees during the day, and the nights were in the negatives. Never in my life had I experienced temperatures that cold. Maryland's winters are like spring in comparison to Connecticut winters.

Out of this very frigid experience came two incredible adventures; I was able to walk on a frozen lake, and my boyfriend and I hiked to see a frozen waterfall. The North is truly magical when it is icy cold.

Below are some pictures:

The Frozen Lake

The Waterfall:

All in all, while I love Connecticut, I'm not sure that I could handle the frigid winters for more than a few weeks. I am extremely grateful to have been able to see nature so still and beautiful, but now it is time to return home to a more moderate climate.

I hope that everyone is staying warm and is excited to see more of winter's beautiful spectacles! Cheers xx

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