Sunday, August 23, 2015

What I'm Wearing

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to make a quick post about what I'm wearing. This is one of my favorite tops that I own.

This top is definitely one of my favorite thrifted purchases. Where I live, there is this really cool bus called Gogo's Retread Threads. The lady who owns the business (Stacey) sells lots of really interesting vintage pieces inside her bus! How cool is that? I was able to score this lovely cherry top for a mere $15. I definitely recommend checking out her website here. She travels around the Maryland area a lot, so if you are in the area, I would certainly pay her a visit. Did I mention that she's also a sweetheart? 

My favorite thing about this top (other than the adorable cherry print) is the shoulders. The shoulders are much broader than what you would usually see in modern day clothing, much more 40s-esque. The striped red and white trimming that runs along the collar and down the rest of the shirt also adds interesting artistic detail to the blouse.

To complement the shirt, I chose a pair of modern day blue jean shorts and a pair of G.H Bass & Co light navy wedges. I wore a classic pair of pearl earrings so as to not overdo the blouse. The lipstick color is Certainly Red by Revlon, basically a classic cherry colored red.

As a quick tangent, don't you just love the Revlon Lustrous Lipstick packaging? So classic and elegant. At the Target near my house, this lipstick only costs five dollars a tube! You can believe me when I say that I have all of my favorite colors in this formula!

I hope you guys like my outfit and pay Stacey a visit sometime soon! Cheers!


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