Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Hello, everyone!

With colder weather quickly approaching, I decided to copy some of my companions and write about some of the pieces that I am inspired by for the upcoming season.

Wide-Leg Pants

I absolutely love how high-waist wide leg pants have come back into fashion. I have already purchased a pair of navy blue and a pair of red ones, but I would love a gray or khaki pair as well.

Here are the links to the ones I have purchased thus far: Red and Blue. Note that the blue ones are more in the style of Sailor Pants.

Long Peacoats

Talk about coat envy. One thing that I have always lacked in my wardrobe is a long, wool peacoat or trench coat. I have a black peacoat that is short, and I also own a brown clasp coat. However, neither coat is exactly what I am looking for in preparation for the upcoming season. I really like the plaid coats and the white coat in this picture. Currently I am eyeing something along these lines:

Oxford-Style Shoes

I will openly admit that I have a problem with buying shoes. Though they are expensive, sometimes I just cannot help myself. I own so, so many different styles and colors; you couldn't even begin to imagine. That being said, I am obsessed with the brown shoes on the top left of this picture. If anyone knows where I can find a pair in a similar design, please let me know! They are just so unique looking, as they don't have the typical oxford lace-up style. 

For now though, let's marvel at the leather craftsmanship of these Frye oxfords:


For years I have been trying to find pantyhose that won't rip. I have muscular thighs as a result of the sports I play, and as a result pantyhose tend to rip or get runs fairly easily. I haven't found a solution until the other day when it hit me; why not try thigh-highs? I recently found a pair that I am going to try off of Amazon:

I will be sure to review them as soon as it is cool enough to wear them!

I apologize for the sporadic posting as of late. With school in full swing, I am going to try and write more posts when I find gaps in my schedule (usually on the weekends).

What do you ladies (and gentlemen?) see yourselves wearing in the upcoming Autumn season?



  1. Great vintage fall fashion inspiration images, dear gal. If any of those awesome trousers or shoes wants to magically appear in my closet, I certainly won't be complaining! :D

    ♥ Jessica

    1. If anything like the clothes you adorn every day appeared in my closet, I certainly wouldn't complain either :) Cheers!