Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Favorite Old Hollywood Actors

Hi, everyone! With school in full swing, there is so much going on in my life. So today, I thought I'd keep it simple and talk about some of my favorite Golden Age actors.

Cary Grant

Perhaps the king of debonair, what's not to love? With his dashing looks and charm, Grant always manages to take me back to the long lost days of glamour and adventure. My favorite Cary Grant movies are North by Northwest, An Affair to Remember, and Charade. Swoon.

Gene Kelly

Where to even begin with this gentleman? Hands down, I think that Gene Kelly is my favorite Golden Age actor. He could do it all: sing, dance, act, everything. And that smile, chills down my spine. What I wouldn't give to spend an hour with this man, just watching him sing and dance. Or even and hour just to talk. For proof of how incredible he was, just watch this:

Or if you're still confused, this will do as well:

Favorite movies? Singin' in the Rain, Cover Girl, and Anchors Away.

Fred Astaire & Humphrey Bogart

Here's the deal, it would have been an injustice to pick one of these men over the other! Thus, I decided to include both. I think that although Gene Kelly was a phenomenal dancer, Fred Astaire takes the cake when it came to ballroom-style, graceful dancing. Like Kelly, Astaire could also sing and act. He was also incredibly classy. Therefore, he needed to be included on this list. My favorite Fred Astaire movies include Top Hat, Funny Face, and Holiday Inn

Mr. Bogart is very different from the other gentleman included on the list. He didn't really sing or dance, but he was a phenomenal actor. He also had an onscreen persona that allowed him to have a dynamic film career (his persona differing from that of Grant). I have to honestly admit that I haven't seen very many Bogart films, but my favorites so far are Casablanca, Sabrina, and The Big Sleep

Hope everyone enjoyed this read, and let me know who your favorite Old Hollywood actors are!


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